Suh says sorry to Sullivan, then gets hit with $100K NFL fine


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been handed the biggest fine of his career. But Suh has avoided a suspension for his illegal low block on Vikings center John Sullivan on Sunday.

The NFL has fined Suh $100,000, ProFootballTalk reports, a much heavier fine than players typically get for personal fouls on the field, and a fine that demonstrates that Suh’s repeat-offender status has him viewed as a marked man by the NFL’s discipline police.

Earlier Tuesday, there were reports of an apology from Suh to Sullivan.

It's not exactly a mutual hug, more like a mutual shrug, but in the manly world of the NFL, it's about as close to kiss-and-make up as we'll get.

If you haven't really studied the play - an interception and runback by Detroit - this great photo by Chris Polydoroff of the Pioneer Press (above) captures it for what it is: A dirty hit.

Suh was penalized but Sullivan says it's all good after Suh apologized to him - before the NFL announced the fine.

"Yeah, he apologized," Sullivan tells the Pioneer Press. "Said there was no intent to injure. It's fine."

Still, the play looks even worse upon further review, even though Sullivan was not injured. Watch it over and over again here.

Suh says he apologized to Sullivan at halftime. “I spoke to him, we’re good,” Suh said. “So that’s all that matters.”

It's all a matter of perspective, as this Detroit publication underscores, saying that Sullivan "forgives" Suh for the low block.

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