Andrew Wiggins has a man bun

Man buns are apparently still in style and Andrew Wiggins got one.

Andrew Wiggins could make a quick $1,000 if he walks up to Charles Barkley with a pair of scissors.

Barkley hates man buns and Wiggins' hairstyle has evolved into one since the Timberwolves' season ended in mid-April. Here's Wiggins showing his new look in screen shots from his Snapchat. H/T to @OnTheProwl for the snaps.

Barkley literally paid a staff member at TNT $1,000 to cut his man bun off on live TV.

“America, if you see a friend, just hold them down and cut their damn hair,” Barkley said. “A man bun is not a thing.”

Snip, snip! ✂️

Chuck gets rid of the man bun! ????

— NBA on TNT (@NBAonTNT) April 11, 2017

The man bun was red hot Monday night with Kelly Olynyk and his man bun scoring 26 points to lead the Celtics over the Wizards in Game 7.

Here's a look back at the history of Wiggins' haircuts, as tracked by The Daily Wolf's John Meyer.

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