Anthony Barr is asked if Prince is helping the Vikings defense

Why are the Vikings undefeated? Anthony Barr with purple reasons.

The Vikings are the NFL's only undefeated team and football fans are searching for reasons behind the 5-0 start.

TMZ caught up with Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr at LAX as he enjoyed his "bye" week break.

Interviewed by someone who doesn't give the impression he knows much about the Vikings, Barr is fed a line that maybe divine inspiration from the late Prince is behind the D's stunning start.

"I think he's looking down on us, he's helping us out," Barr says, giving TMZ enough to write an entire article based on this loaded question, before adding, quite rightly: "But it's more so the team."

The interviewer also tries to get him to describe the Vikes' miserly D as "Purple Rain" but Barr says he's a fan of the "Zim-Reapers."

Here's the interview:

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