Anthony Barr literally dominated with 1 hand ... the other was broken

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Anthony Barr says he's feeling better now, but there's no doubt he's played through pain since breaking his hand in Minnesota's win over the Rams Nov. 8.

"Anthony is a special player," Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said after Sunday's victory in Atlanta. "The sky's the limit for the guy. There's so many things you can do with him."

Barr was a monster against the Falcons, forcing a key fumble at the end of a long run by Falcons rookie Tevin Coleman, and forcing a second fumble when he smashed quarterback Matt Ryan on a perfectly timed blitz late in the game.

Per Jim Souhan in the Star Tribune, Adrian Peterson called Barr "one of a kind" while defensive end Everson Griffen said he's already a star in the league.

Barr, a former college running back before turning into a linebacker at UCLA, is drawing some well deserved praise from his peers. The scary thing is that he's just getting started.

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