Ball shatters Twins fan's jaw; response shatters her image of team


Twins fan Becky Ludvigson's jaw was fractured in two places by a line drive foul into the stands in a Sept. 24 game with New York Yankees. She missed work due to the injury, paid $1,500 out of pocket for medical expenses and she says her bite may never be quite right again, the Star Tribune reports.

But what really sticks in her craw is the way the Twins have responded, she tells the newspaper. The Twins' insurer quickly denied her claim for compensation, and the team hasn't even had much in the way of kind word, she says. But fans accept some risk when they sit down in Target Field to watch a game, the newspaper reports.

The Twins on the team website warn: "Guests should stay alert at all time for bats and balls that could land in the seating areas."

It's tough to win anything from teams or stadium operators in court because if teams take reasonable precautions to protect fans from a foul ball, they often aren't held liable in cases of injury, one leading sports lawyer notes.

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