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Barf with us: 1 ugly truth about the Wolves' defense under Thibs

Thibs' Wolves have just 1 win when this happens – and it's happening a lot.
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It must take more than a year to get a group of professional athletes to learn how to play defense in a new system, because the way the Timberwolves have played under Tom Thibodeau is disgusting.

Not to disrespect Orono's Jon Leuer, but he shouldn't be catching transition lobs and dunking on the Wolves like he did Wednesday night. 

Gorgui Dieng should never lose sight of Henry Ellenson (a Wisconsinite) and let him slice through the lane for an uncontested dunk. 

A 280-pound man should never blow past Karl-Anthony Towns from the 3-point line for an easy layup like Andre Drummond did. 

All of that happened in Detroit's 122-101 cakewalk over the Wolves Wednesday night, and it's unacceptable. 

Unfortunately, so goes the story under head coach Tom Thibodeau – a defensive guru who is supposed to turn the Wolves into a contender the same way he did the Bulls. 

He still has time to do it, but the men he's teaching right now look clueless on defense.

The truth hurts

Fact: The Wolves have played 87 games under Thibodeau and have allowed 115-plus points 27 times – opposing teams have topped 120 points in 15 of those games. 

More alarming is their record in such games: 1-26. 

Here's the list of bloodbaths dating back to last season. The bold one is Minnesota's only win.

  • Nov. 8: 119-110 Nets
  • Nov. 12: 119-105 Clippers
  • Nov. 15: 115-108 Hornets
  • Nov. 23: 117-96 Pelicans
  • Nov. 26: 115-102 Warriors
  • Dec. 2: 118-114 Knicks
  • Dec. 3: 120-125 Hornets
  • Dec. 8: 124-110 Raptors
  • Dec. 9: 117-90 Pistons
  • Dec. 11: 116-108 Warriors
  • Jan. 17: 122-114 Spurs
  • Feb. 1: 125-97 Cavaliers
  • Feb. 3: 116-108 Pistons
  • Feb. 6: 115-113 Heat
  • Feb. 10: 122-106 Pelicans
  • Feb. 14: 116-108 Cavaliers
  • Feb. 25: 142-130 Rockets
  • Mar. 14: 117-104 Celtics
  • Mar. 17: 123-105 Heat
  • Mar. 19: 123-109 Pelicans
  • Mar. 24: 130-124 Lakers
  • Apr. 1: 123-117 Kings
  • Apr. 4: 121-107 Warriors
  • Apr. 7: 120-113 Jazz
  • Apr. 12: 123-118 Rockets
  • Oct. 24: 130-107 Pacers
  • Oct. 25: 122-101 Pistons

The Wolves' record when they allow fewer than 115 points? 32-28. 

Wolves forward Taj Gibson told the Star Tribune guys have been playing with effort in "spurts," but not consistently enough to win, much less look good on defense.

"It’s all about believing and coming together," Gibson said. "We’re still a young group. We’re still trying to work the kinks out. But we’ll get there. I promise we’ll get there.”

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