Bears' Zach Miller suffered torn artery, dislocated knee in gruesome injury

The injury might be worse than the one Teddy Bridgewater suffered in August of 2016.

UPDATE: The Bears are saying that Miller underwent successful surgery to repair the torn artery and stabilize his leg. He's still in a New Orleans hospital being evaluated. 


A severe dislocation of his left knee could cost Chicago Bears tight end Zach Miller his leg, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who reported Monday morning that Miller underwent emergency surgery on his knee late Sunday night in an effort to save the leg. 

This from Mortensen's story

"Sources told Mortensen that Miller's dislocated knee is considered "more significant" than a regular dislocation, which is a serious injury. Vascular surgeons were called in to repair Miller's leg, which includes grafting tissue from the other leg to repair the damaged artery, sources told Mortensen."

Miller's injury might be more severe than the dislocated knee and torn ACL Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater suffered in August of 2016. Miller suffered arterial damage, Bridgewater did not, the Vikings said the day Bridgewater was hurt. 

Warning: Graphic video

Here's the video of the play that Miller was injured on. Be warned, it's hard to watch his leg bend the wrong way. 

Somehow, the officials reviewed the play and took the touchdown away from Miller. 

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