Belichick to Patterson: 'We're going to make you the player that you should be'

Patterson is entering his second year removed from the Vikings.
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Cordarrelle Patterson had an explosive rookie season in 2013 with the Vikings, but those talents pretty much vanishes the next three seasons in Minnesota and he was a non-factor last season with the Raiders. 

Now the former 2013 first-round draft pick is getting a shot with the New England Patriots. 

Patterson told NFL Network's Good Morning Football that he's already talked to head coach Bill Belichick. 

"He was just telling me, 'I don't know what you've been through in the past, but basically, we get the job done here. We're going to make you the player that you should be,'" Patterson explained. 

In a way, it sounds like a cheap shot at the Raiders and Vikings, but who's going to question Belichick? 

But the legendary coach certainly has his work cut out for himself. The Vikings couldn't figure out how to get Patterson involved and neither could the Raiders, who were calling him a "revelation" during training camp only to watch him post mild numbers: 31 catches for 309 yards and 121 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Patterson turned 27 last month so he's still plenty young to get back to the level he played at as a rookie, when he racked up 45 receptions for 469 yards and 4 touchdowns, in addition to 3 rushing touchdowns and 2 kick returns for scores. 

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