Believe it or not, the Twins might end a 50-year home run drought

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The Twins are one of the best teams in baseball since July 1. They've won 18 of 30 games in a span of 35 days, which is fairly remarkable considering it took them until June 8 to win their 18th game of the season.

  • First 65 days: 18-40 record
  • Last 35 days: 18-12 record

Paul Molitor's managed a team that has been better in all aspects of the game, but the two-month offensive explosion has been the primary reason the Twins are winning. Twins Daily's Nick Nelson says this could be the year the Twins finally hit 200 home runs.

They're currently on pace to finish with 193 homers, but if they can get to 200 they will do it for the first time in more than 50 years.

The last Twins team to do it was the 1964 club that finished with 221, led by Harmon Killebrew with 49. Bob Allison and Tony Oliva each hit 32 that year.

Twins home run leaders:

  • Brian Dozier: 22
  • Miguel Sano: 15
  • Max Kepler: 15
  • Eduardo Nunez: 12 (traded to Giants)
  • Byung Ho Park: 12 (in the minors)
  • Joe Mauer: 9
  • Trevor Plouffe: 7 (rehabbing an injury)

Kennys Vargas is also a big threat to hit the ball out of the park. He has 4 home runs in 20 games and he's been getting consistent playing time.

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