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Best bat flip in baseball? Vote for Torii Hunter


There's nothing quite like watching an authoritative bat flip from a baseball player. It's that all-knowing moment when a player has an understanding with nature that gravity will not stop the ball he's just hit from going deep into the outfield stands.

Why are we talking about this?

  1. Bat flips are awesome
  2. MLB is bored because of the All-Star break

MLB's official Twitter account is getting fans involved by determining which player has the best bat flip in the game. There are 16 candidates, one of whom is Twins outfielder Torii Hunter.

First and foremost, there's no way Jose Bautista, Albert Pujols or Alex Rodriguez have a better flip than Hunter. Hunter helicopter'd the bat out of his hands with far more conviction than the others. Check out these GIFs and make sure you vote for Hunter on Twitter.

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