Big hairy deal: Vikings' Robison chops his trademark hair for 'Locks of Love'


Minnesota Vikings defensive end Brian Robison is known for his pass rushing skills, his unique sack celebration and his long hai... waitaminute – he was known for his long hair.

Robison returned to Winter Park Wednesday with a whole new style – short hair. On Monday, Robison cut his trademark hair that he's grown for nearly five years, donating his pony tail to Locks of Love.

"I think it's a great cause," Robison told reporters on Wednesday. "I think it's kind of pointless to cut hair and let it go to waste."

Robison learned about the organization through his former teammate and friend Fred Evans.

"You get a lot of people, especially now, people want those little things in life, their hair and things like that. You see cancer patients every day that are going through the withdrawals of not having your hair so I think it's a great cause to be able to give something back, and even that, as little as it is, to see a cancer patient that gets some sort of hair they can wear and do that, that speaks volumes."

According to the Star Tribune, Robison jokes that he digs his new look, but he says it's still growing on his wife.

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