Big night leads to big praise for Wolves rookie Wiggins


Just one day after putting up a career high 17 points in Minnesota's 98-91 defeat of Brooklyn, Wolves rookie Andrew Wiggins is drawing a lot of praise.

Wednesday night's game was only the fourth game of Wiggins' career, and it was easily his most productive. It was Wiggins' first double-digit effort and CBC Sports notes that many of his baskets showcased his incredible athleticism.

Cleveland drafted Wiggins with the first pick in June's NBA Draft, but traded him to Minnesota as part of the Kevin Love deal.

David Thorpe of ESPN's True Hoop TV says that he believes Wiggins has the chance to be really, really special, but he notes there are still a few things Wiggins has to improve if he wants to be an MVP type player.

"He has to really improve his ball handling," said Thorpe. "He can beat you on a straight-line dribble from 20 feet away. He can go rim to rim if you don't get in his way, but it's when you get in his way and he has to change directions or maybe even change speed, that just isn't in his game."

Wiggins' 17 points was not just a career high, it is also a class best up to this point of the season.

"There's no reason to think Wiggins won't learn how to be a very adept ball handler, maybe even a terrific one," said Thorpe. "When that happens he becomes extremely difficult to guard because he does have a beautiful looking shot and a willingness to pass."

Wiggins is a big part of the Wolves rebuilding plans, and Sports On Earth thinks the mixture of youth and experience has created a special and refreshing feel around the Wolves.

"If past iterations of the Wolves consisted of a superstar player who was ultimately let down by the lack of depth surrounding him, this team has the potential to break that mold. They are not a finished product, but the composition of their current roster shows promise."

Wiggins and the rest of the Wolves continue a six-game trip away from the Target Center on Friday when they face the 1-4 Orlando Magic.

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