Birk on Moss: 'I'm happy for him'

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Former Viking Matt Birk is taking the high road when asked about his former Minnesota teammate, Randy Moss.

Both will play in Sunday's Super Bowl -- Birk with Baltimore, Moss with San Francisco.

Both played seven seasons together, but as the Star Tribune explains, they weren't exactly close -- especially when Moss walked off the field against Washington with two seconds to go in the 2004 regular-season finale.

What did Birk say to Moss in the locker room? ESPN reporter Kevin Seifert writes: "Birk said his tirade could be repeated only with 'a lot of bleeps.'"

Eight years later, what does Birk think of Moss now?

The St. Paul native isn't saying much, only nice stuff, like this: "The way he took the league by storm was unbelievable" and "Obviously I'm happy for him and that he's still playing."

More to come?

Today is media day in New Orleans. We're guessing Birk will be asked -- over and over -- about the old days.

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