Bishop signed with Vikings to win a Super Bowl, face Rodgers


So why did ex-Packer Desmond Bishop sign with the Vikings?

He tells the NFL Network part of the reason is because he wants to face Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers twice a year.

No apparent bad blood there. Instead, Bishop says he just likes to play against “the best.”

Bishop, who was cut from the Packers this offseason, is expected to play middle linebacker.

Bishop also says he’s “100 percent” after missing last year with a hamstring injury.

To hear Bishop's interview from Tuesday morning, click here.

Bishop tells PFT Live that another reason he signed was to help Minnesota finally win a Super Bowl.

"Something about that makes me want to go there to try to help a team try to reach that pinnacle," he said.

He also shed more light on what position he could be asked to play this season.

“Oh, they told me that all the positions were interchangeable so, you know, nothing is set in stone. I feel like I’m versatile, I could play middle or the two outsides, so you kind of see how that unfolds during training camp.”

Listen to the full PFT Live interview right here.

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