Bittersweet Sunday: Twins bats explode in sweep; Sano to DL - Bring Me The News

Bittersweet Sunday: Twins bats explode in sweep; Sano to DL

Twins light up D-Backs in sweep; but how long will Sano be out?

The somber news of Miguel Sano's trip to the DL came during the Twins big 12-5 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, sealing the series sweep.

First, the bitter part of Sunday...

Sano, according to Star Tribune's Lavelle E. Neall III, has been diagnosed with a "stress reaction" in his left shin. 

Unfortunately, Twins star players aren't exactly strangers to bizarre medical lingo used to diagnose leg injuries in the past. Who can forget Joe Mauer's infamous battle with "bi-lateral leg weakness" in 2011? 

In 2017, "stress reaction" may be the medical term Twins fans hear all too often if this injury happens to linger.

Most likely, this is a fancier term for "shin splints", which is common among athletes – causing, in some cases, severe pain along the tibia or 'shin bone'. It is not clear which type Sano is ailing from yet, but there are generally two degrees of severity.

  • Type One
    This is characterized by a stress reaction on the inside border of the shin bone. A stress reaction is a preceding stage to a stress fracture.
  • Type Two
    This is characterized by irritation of the outer surface (periosteum) of the inside of the shin bone at the point where the Soleus and Tibialis Posterior muscles attach.

We will monitor the story on Sano's trip to the DL as more information is disclosed publicly.

Now, the sweet...

Despite the absence of their best hitter Miguel Sano, the Twins offense exploded Sunday for 12 runs en route a sweep over the Diamondbacks.

The club posted nine runs in the first inning alone (third time in team history), and it included a grand-slam by red-hot Eddie Rosario that could have made Jim Thome blush.

Six different Twins knocked in runners during the ball game, and Bartolo Colon earned another victory for his new team.

Minnesota has been red-hot and currently owns the second wild card spot in the American League standings. They improved to 63-59 with the win Sunday, and have won 11 of their past 14 games.

Fans hope Miguel Sano can get healthy ASAP as the Twins continue to prove they are up for a serious run at the 2017 post-season.

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