'Blossoming' Rudolph talks Vikings, Ponder


Though the Vikings are technically in the off-season, Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph is happy to talk football.

That's the story from WCCO-TV and Mike Max, who gushes that Rudolph is "a tight end who’s blossoming before our eyes."

Rudolph's stock is rising, and his future looks bright, Max tells us before noting that Rudolph will be coming into camp with the confidence of a veteran.

Rudolph won what is called the VIP trophy at the Pro Bowl over the winter.

“You’re definitely more comfortable, and that comfort level changes a ton from year one to year two. And then, you know, you have another full year under your belt, you’re familiar with the coaches and the players,” Rudolph says.

His take on the man who he hopes will throw the ball to him more than once in a while?

"Christian’s put in the extra time, you know, with the guys starting in April when he came back here, throwing routes, really making sure that we are on the same page," Rudolph says of QB Christian Ponder. "And that’s quarterback and every wide receiver and tight end we have.”

Here's the video.

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