BMTN predictions: Perkins charging hard, Anderson hits the bricks


We entered last week with four, today, we lose one more.

We like to think of ourselves as an army of not-as-important, less talented Rybak's over here. At least we try hard.

Last week sports yes-man Mike Gallagher took a tumble, coming as the second elimination from a crowded BringMeTheNews predicting field.

This week, it's tough to pick an elimination, as morning sports voice Eric Perkins nearly hit the nail on the head in the Vikings-Bears matchup by predicting a tie.

Had Perkins been correct, you could've shut down the predictions segment right then, it would've been like a streetball game that ends midway through because a great play makes the crowd storm the court.

Yeah, something like that.

The other two predictors that made prognostications last week were sports director G.R. Anderson and newcomer Aaron Ziemer, and they were equally as impressive as Perk.

Both predicted a 27-21 Vikings victory, a total of just five points away from the correct score.

Predictors continue to make the lives of the elimination committee difficult, but a decision has been handed down with much controversy.

Due to Ziemer handing in his prediction ahead of Anderson, the powers-that-be suspect point shaving and prediction peaking by Anderson, and for this reason, he has been eliminated.

"This is the biggest racket since the '72 Olympics when the USSR "beat" the U.S. in basketball. I've been had, and much like Bob Costas' spectacular hair, I will not wilt under pressure to admit to something I have not done. Just because I bet on a few European soccer matches that just so happened to be fixed doesn't mean I'm a bad person."

For shame Anderson, the committee has launched a full investigation. To smooth over the controversy and make us all feel better, here's Costas looking youthful and exuberant at the '92 Olympics while discussing the USSR's win.

We and Costas have rambled long enough, let the points drizzle magical rainbows on our predictors.

STANDINGS (last week’s scores in parentheses):

Ziemer:17 (13)

Perkins: 6 (0)

Nelson: 1 (1, did not predict)




With another elimination coming, this is a big week, and the predictors have stepped their games up knowing this could be the end of their season.

Newcomer Aaron Ziemer: Ravens 31, Vikings 20

"Around and Around we go, wherever it stops nobody knows....
Coach Frazier is "Pondering" the quarterback situation.
Will it be Christian, Matt or Josh?
After a slow start last week Christian was concussed...
Will he be ready? Should he start if he is? Or maybe we'll just say he's not...
For we think Matt gives us the best chance to storm Baltimore's "Cassel"
And if we don't win, perhaps we'll lose once again, and Leslie can be a "Freeman."

We told you how much we fancy our way with words.

Morning sports voice Eric Perkins: Ravens 30, Vikings 7

"Too much purple! Something's gotta give. This week though, it'll be the Vikes who yield to the playoff-desperate Ravens."


Night sports guy Joe Nelson: Ravens 27, Vikings 10

"Xavier Rhodes will probably shut down Ravens star wide receiver Torrey Smith, so that means a big day is in store for fellow Baltimore wideout Jacoby Jones. Jones will be covered by Chris Cook... and that's a field day waiting to happen."

The Vikings are hot, but as the Bobby "Blue" Band said, there "ain't no love" for this Vikings group.

Robinson Cano's agent, Jay Z, said that too. We'll give you that version when Jay convinces Cano to sign here.

Good luck to the predictors, we'll get this down to our final predictors next Friday for what will be a two-week battle royale for the belt.

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