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Final Bracket Watch: Obama vs. TC Bear vs. Joe Nelson


It's over.

The contest to track the 2013 March Madness NCAA basketball guessing of Barack Obama, T.C. Bear and KFAN's Joe Nelson is mercifully -- over.

In short: It was the guy in a suit vs. the guy in a suit vs. Paul Allen's personal valet.

Along the way, we added up winning guesses. Any more math than that: Forget it.

The final, final standings? (We frankly lost interest up after the Sweet 16 round, despondent that our own picks were doing so poorly).

Anyway, the winner is:

Obama: 36 correct, 1 Final Four team, 1 team in final.

Nelson: 36 correct, 1 Final Four team, 0 teams in final.

Bear: 33 correct, 0 Final Four teams, 0 teams in final.

Analysis: Obama -- who picked Indiana over Louisville in the final -- won this a long time ago. We're just updating this post to give our loyal readers a bit of closure (and to artificially increase our story count on the page. Hey, it's a living.)

Nelson: He can go back to washing PA's Ford Focus.

Bear: Can now teach Aaron Hicks how to hit a breaking ball.

Picks in questions below:




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