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Bradford was beaten, battered and bruised in his Philadelphia return

Sam Bradford's return to Philadelphia wasn't a pleasant one.

Sam Bradford's return to Philadelphia didn't go how he had hoped.

The Eagles had lost two straight games, while the Vikings were the league's last unbeaten team – coming off a bye that allowed them to get healthier. Bradford was supposed to go back into Philly and leave Eagles fans wondering if they made the right decision to ship the veteran to Minnesota.

But it didn't quite turn out that way. Instead, Bradford was under intense pressure – six sacks, 19 hits on 45 drop backs.

His streak of not turning the ball over came to an end with a resounding thud early, and he ended the day with an interception and two fumbles lost.

So what did Bradford think?

Bradford admitted last week that he had thought about the game back in Philadelphia, but said he wasn't looking to do anything special.

Following the loss, Bradford's rhetoric hadn't changed much.

"I really don't have any bitter feelings toward Philly," Bradford said during his postgame press conference. "It's not like I was harboring any of that and trying to come out here are prove them wrong."

The Eagles were ready

In the end though, it may have been that familiarity between the the Eagles and Bradford that led to his undoing.

According to Pro Football Talk, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins admitted after the game they blitzed more to confuse Bradford and exploit his weaknesses.

Now Bradford and the Vikings will have to pick up the pieces and get ready to face Chicago.

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