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Brett Favre and Jared Allen have something in common


That something we're referring to is not the Monday Night Football dominance of the Packers in the magical year of 2009, although that was fun too.

Here's a refresher in case both Vikings and Packers fans forgot:

No in this case we're talking about their disdain for training camp.

Brett's legendary ability to skirt training camp has been well documented, and in an interview with NFL Network's NFL AM this morning, Jared Allen expressed his displeasure with the rate at which his surgically repaired shoulder is healing.

When asked if he'll be on the field for the start of training camp, Allen responded: “Unfortunately, yes, I was hoping to get a couple weeks of training camp off. But training sounds pretty good and I’m ready to rock and roll.”

Allen has recorded 74 sacks in five seasons with the purple. Should he continue to produce like that on the field, we'll give him as many get-out-of-training-camp-free cards as he wants.

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