Brewers are holding the Twins' bowling ball hostage


The tension between Minnesota and Wisconsin has been ratcheted up another notch.

It seems our neighbor has not returned our bowling ball.

According to the Brewers' website, the story began at the Major League Baseball Industry Meetings in Orlando, Florida last November. The event featured a "30 Clubs in 30 Lanes" bowling tournament, where each team received a bowling ball with its logo on it.

The balls were held in a showcase at the bowling alley until recently being shipped as gifts to each team.

Somewhere along the way, the balls got mixed up and the Twins received the Brewer ball while the Brewers received the Twins' ball. The Twins kindly sent Milwaukee its ball back, but the Brewers kept the Twins' ball and engaged another border battle with a tweet.

The Brew-Crew added this:

Yes, that’s right, Minnesota. We still have your bowling ball, and here’s the deal: We’re going to treat these balls as a traveling trophy of sorts. The team who wins the season series next week will get to keep both bowling balls. In the event of a “split,” they’ll go to the team that scores the most runs in the series.

The Twins responded on Twitter, accepting the challenge and saying that once the team gets the ball, it's "going to roll a strike."

The Twins play the Yankees in New York today through Sunday before starting a four-game home-and-home series with the Brewers. They'll play in Milwaukee on Monday and Tuesday before returning to Target Field for games on Wednesday and Thursday.

For the record, the Twins swept the four-game home-and-home series last season.

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