Brian Dozier: 'I am about one thing, that's creating runs.'


Baseball players don't get much hotter at the plate than Brian Dozier has been at the end of July and early August.

He has a 13-game hitting streak heading into Friday night's game, and Dozier is once again producing clutch hits, doubles and home runs at his All-Star pace.

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But he's been more than just the occasional hot streak at the plate. The Twins second baseman has been an extra-base hitting machine. Last year he had 71 of them – already this year he has 48, and there's still two months of the season left.

Additionally, he's homered 22 times this year – on pace to match his total of 28 from last season. But as of late, Dozier has put himself in elite territory.

People are using all kinds of fancy stats to evaluate players these days. But Dozier tells FanGraphs that there's only one thing that matters – creating runs.

"If you're more of a power hitter, you're more valuable. At the same time, the game is played up the middle. Catching, pitching, short, second, center field – and if you get offensive production out of those positions... I wouldn't call them defense-first, but any time you can get offense up the middle it's a plus. Power is an even bigger plus. Not just home runs, but extra-base hits. Guys who can put up 50, 60, 70 extra-base hits are really valuable. I'm about one thing, that's creating runs."

With five home runs over this last five games and a 13-game hitting streak, Dozier has been practicing exactly what he preaches and producing plenty of runs.

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