Bridgewater: 'Once I get out there, it's no regrets, no holding back'

Bridgewater talked like a man on a mission during his Thursday media conference.
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No reservations. No hesitation. Teddy Bridgewater is ready to play. 

"No concerns at all," Bridgewater said Thursday in his first press conference since being activated to the Vikings' 53-man roster. "Our training staff, our strength and conditioning staff, they've done a great job of preparing me to get to this point. Once I get out there, it's no regrets, no holding back. Whatever happens, happens. I trust God's plan." 

Bridgewater was a 23-year-old quarterback when he blew out his knee in August of 2016. Now, one day before his 25th birthday, Bridgewater has a greater appreciation for big picture in life. 

"This is not only about me, it's about the people who counted me in," he said. "There are a bunch of people who counted me out, people outside of this building and things like that, but at the end of the day it's about going out there and competing for these guys in this locker room and all the guys and all the people that counted me in." 

Believe it or not, there was a time where Bridgewater couldn't put a pair of pants on by himself, or let alone walk. 

"I'm just out there living my dream. There was a time where the dream may have ended, or died, but the dream is still alive," he said. 

To recap: 

  1. He's 100 percent confident he can lead the Vikings again. 
  2. He's not worried about re-injuring his knee. 
  3. He plans to go into a game when his number is called without hesitation.

And last but not least, his arm is a heck of a lot stronger. 

"I had nothing but time to lift weights and get stronger," Bridgewater said with a chuckle. "The ball is definitely coming out of my hand with much more zip."

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