Bridgewater, Patterson continue to misfire in Vikings passing game


Cordarrelle Patterson caught just one pass for nine yards in the Viking's 29-26 victory over Washington on Sunday.

While the Vikings made a concerted effort to get the ball down the field, the second-year Vikings receiver really didn't benefit from it.

The Star Tribune notes that Patterson was targeted seven times in Sunday's victory, including a couple of opportunities for big plays, but none of it seemed to matter.

One of those misses came on a deep pass down the sideline after Patterson became wide open because of a blown coverage in the Washington secondary.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told reporters Monday that he originally thought Patterson had lost the ball in the sun, but that apparently wasn't the case.

Zimmer said Patterson broke the route up the field when the defender blew the coverage.

"Teddy was expecting him to be a little bit more inside," said Zimmer. "It was more of a miscommunication than anything else honestly. He should have hit it, and I think Cordarrelle could have done a better job catching it too."

Zimmer, who believes Patterson is healthy, acknowledged that something is off between the rookie quarterback and Patterson. "It's nothing between the two," said Zimmer. "We are not precise enough in a lot of areas."

Patterson played just one season at Tennessee and was considered by many to be very raw when he was taken by the Vikings in the first round.

Zimmer did say Patterson did some good things in the game, and noted that Patterson had gotten open on a few plays where the ball went to another receiver.

"That happens as receivers," said Zimmer. "I think one of the great things that we're doing, honestly, is we're spreading the ball around. It's not just one guy catching the ball. This is never going to be a one-man show."

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