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Bridgewater sends out more cryptic tweets

Good luck figuring out what Bridgewater means with these tweets.

Teddy Bridgewater has fans minds spinning after a couple of cryptic tweets Thursday night. 

"I can sense God is about to perform another miracle in my life," Bridgewater said in one tweet

"At peace – field of dreams," he said in another with a pair of photos of him dropping back to pass with a heavy white brace covering his surgically repaired leg. 

So what's Bridgewater mean with these? For all we know Bridgewater's miracle could be anything.

The fact that he used photos of him wearing a heavy brace and said he's "at peace" could mean he's convinced he's finally overcome the injury that could've ended his career. 

Could his miracle be being activated from the physically unable to perform list?

Maybe his miracle would be a trade to the Dolphins to play in his hometown of Miami. It's not all that crazy to think a trade to the Dolphins would be possible since quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down with a bad knee injury on Thursday. The idea of trading Bridgewater was brought up on Sirius XM NFL Radio Thursday, too. 

Nobody knows what's up with Bridgewater, but it's fun to speculate on what might be going on. 

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