Bringin' It: Friday's Top 5 Minn. sports storylines

This time of year, it's all about the Twins. Not that we wouldn't love to watch the Timberwolves and Wild in the NBA and NHL playoffs. Maybe next year?

TGIF! And thank the good Lord for five completely awesome sports storylines:

1)Twins win! Twins win! Francisco Liriano and Matt Capps may give you ulcers, but the simple fact is that the L.A. Angels left town losing two out of three to a team that may provide more thrills this year than some care to admit.

2) In town tonight, the big, bad Rangers and closer Joe Nathan -- who hasn't exactly won the heart of Texas just yet.

3) The second Ricky Rubio was lost for the season, most of us knew this day was coming. The day the Timberwolves would be eliminated from NBA Playoff contention. "Wait until next year" doesn't sound so hollow after being in Target Center when the Wolves were beating the best. But, it also reminds us of a song:

4) So your team (the Minnesota Wild, for example) isn't in the NHL Playoffs? Here's a "Fans Survival Guide" to help you out from here, until a Stanley Cup champ is crowned.

5) Big congrats to Twins bloggers Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes for making their radio debut on KFAN 100.3-FM this Sunday at 4 p.m. "Gleeman and The Geek" is one of the best Twins podcasts out there, and we're sure they'll be just as great on the airwaves.

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Bringin' It: Friday's Top 5 Minn. sports storylines

TGIF? You bet, especially when the Minnesota Twins open the 2012 season this afternoon. At least three good storylines surrounding the local nine, plus we have some hockey housekeeping to attend to. Bringin' It! Every day! (Well, every weekday -- until we can hire that intern....)