Bringin' It: Tuesday's Top 5 Minn. sports storylines

The "P" word. This close to Easter, that usually stands for "Peeps." But with the Twins' hitting attack at marshmallow consistency, some are close to "panic."

Welcome back to another edition of "Bringin' It," the daily rundown of the five sports stories on our radar. Today's theme? Please, don't panic.

1) Yes, the Twins are 0-4 to start the 2012 season. But in 1969 -- when they had that same record -- the Twins went on to win the A.L. Western Division crown. The difference? Those Twins -- with Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva in the lineup -- could hit. The 2012 Twins? Hitting challenged, so far.

2) Back to the "P" word. Pioneer Press columnist Tom Powers writes that there are very few "must win" games in a 162-game schedule, especially in April -- but the Twins are already approaching one.

3) And, you know, if the Twins aren't all that good this year -- they still have cool new stuff to sell in the gift shops. WCCO's Rachel Slavik takes a look at the latest looks in the Twins pro shop.

4) Across the plaza at Target Center, a sad pack of Timberwolves are slogging through the end of their season. Playoffs out of reach, Minnesota's losing streak has hit six games, and Kevin Love is saying stuff like "we can't go out like this."

5) OK, so what should we feel good about on this chilly April Tuesday? Well, sometimes it comes down to straight talk from former Viking Fran Tarkenton, who wants Gregg Williams tossed in prison.

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