Bringin' It: Wednesday's Top 5 Minn. sports storylines

Start spreading the news: All the basketball Gophers do is win (lately). Meanwhile, if the Wolves lose to the Bobcats tonight, their playoff hopes are on ice, baby.

Today's Top 5 is an eclectic list. Two stories for the X and O's crowd, followed by two items that'll make you think. The kicker? Icy cool.

1) The basketball Gophers almost snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory last night, but they managed to outscore Washington in OT to advance to the NIT finals. Up next: Stanford for all the red-headed stepchild marbles.

2) Tonight: Timberwolves (24-27). Bobcats (7-40).If Minnesota loses this road game, they may not deserve to make the playoffs.

3) There's an excellent blog that tracks Minnesota Twins history called Coffeyville Whirlwind. Today a posting that recalls how on March 28, 1996, Kirby Puckett woke up with a strange spot in the middle of his vision on the right side. After 11 glorious years, his baseball career was over.

4) A Vikings stadium in Duluth? We noticed this editorial in the News-Tribune today, written by Twin Ports technology consultant Joe Reasbeck. His view: build it, and Google may come.

5) Oh, and if you missed our Vanilla Ice extravaganza yesterday (as in, he's the Wolves halftime show Friday), check it out right here. Can Ice play point guard? How about a about a home-improvement show on DIY? No problem:

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