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Bringin' It: Wednesday's Top 5 Minn. sports storylines

Yesterday we were giddy because the Twins beat the Yankees. Today, well, let's just say, we're feeling a bit Lirianoed.

Ever notice that your mood is directly affected by how the Twins do the night before, especially if Francisco Liriano blows a 2-run lead against the Yankees? It happens. Crankily, here's the top 5:

1)Liriano. He was rocked, and so were the Twins -- 8-3 -- by Team Vader.

2)Jason Marquis. He makes his first start tonight for the Twins in Yankee Stadium. He's up against Hiroki Kuroda, who is coming off a win over the L.A. Angels last Friday.

3) Scott Baker. Surprise! Unexpected Tommy John surgery!

4)Kevin Love hopes to return to the Wolves on Sunday. But first, he needs to be cleared by the NBA to prove that he's concussion-free. Meanwhile, the Wolves are still oh-for-April, having dropped their 11th straight game last night, 91-84.

5)The Vikings 2012 schedule is out, with the home opener set for Sept. 9 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The real headline? It sounds like Hennepin County might build the stadium, in the "Farmers Market" site. Target is reportedly first in line for the naming rights. Hey! That reminds us of a song!

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