Browns defensive lineman slags Adrian Peterson's tweet

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In the dawg-dis-dawg world of NFL trash talk, nobody is safe. Not even Adrian Peterson's daughter.

On Monday, AP set Twitter hearts aflutter with this cuter-than-cute tweet about his daughter:

Aww ... You know who didn't think it was cute? Phil Taylor, the "proud nose tackle" for the Cleveland Browns.

Taylor retweeted the thing - as at least 44,000 other tweeters did - but seemingly was not amused by this.

And the Akron Beacon Journal caught this quote from Taylor:

“He can say what he wants, but he wasn’t a factor in the game. He had less than 100 yards. The only reason they really scored, they got the ball on the 9, they got the ball on the 26, other than that, it wasn’t really a big game [for their offense].”

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