Browns WR Kenny Britt can't stand London

A free trip to London? Britt would rather stay home.

Kenny Britt played in London with the Rams last year and he hated every second of the experience. 

“I hated London, hated it,” the Browns wide receiver said Thursday, via ESPN. “I hated it with a passion.”

Tell us how you really feel, Kenny. 

“I hated everything about it,” he continued. “I hated the flight. I hated us being there so long. I hated the flight back. I hated the food. You can ask my wife the same thing, and she’ll give you the same answer.”

Britt literally enjoyed "nothing" about London, not even the city our countryside away from football. 

“When I leave the country I don't leave the resort anyway," said Britt. "Last time my wife and daughter actually took a trip to Paris. Had a worse time there. It’s a long story, but it was all bad.”

It's too bad Britt already hates playing in London, because his experience on Sunday against Vikings stud cornerback Xavier Rhodes is probably going to make it even worse.

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