Bud Grant to close Twitter account following his garage sale this week

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Bud Grant isn't known for being technologically savvy. So when the winningest coach in Vikings history joined Twitter recently it generated attention – just as it was meant to.

Grant, 87, amassed nearly 5,300 Twitter followers since creating an account on the popular social media site just over two weeks ago – not bad for a guy who says he doesn't own a cell phone.

But those followers may soon be disappointed if Grant is telling the truth about what he plans to do with the account by the end of the week.

"I opened a Twitter account and I'll close it as soon as the garage sale ends," Grant told the Pioneer Press Monday.

His garage sale will be held at his Bloomington home Wednesday through Friday. He may not have needed the social media push to advertise it; while his sales may not be quite as legendary as the Hall-of-Fame coach himself, they have been known to draw the crowds.

On the sale bill this time around, Grant has many autographs, photos and various hunting and fishing supplies.

So there are sure to be some special items as well. ESPN 1500 notes that his first sale included his banner from the team's Ring of Honor in the Metrodome and a headset from his final season coaching the Vikings.

Grant boasts to the Pioneer Press that this one will be even better than last year's.

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