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Video: Bullpen 'punch' is one for the highlight reel


Was that a brawl in the Twins' bullpen caught on camera during the first game of Friday's double header against the White Sox?

The replay GIF on SportsGuru shows reliever Jared Burton deliver a pretty convincing sucker punch to Brian Duensing's chin just as the TV camera follows Chris Collobello's homer over the right field fence.

Not to worry.

Duensing tells the Star Tribune to two pals have been practicing the prank after they realized pitchers often get on camera when home runs head for the bullpen.

Duensing said he jumped up and yelled "punch me, punch me" to Burton as the ball's (and camera's) trajectory headed their way.

The pranksters have tried the stunt a couple times before but this is the first time is was caught on camera.

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