Burleson's broken arm gets him free pizza for a year


There is a silver lining in every cloud.

In Nate Burleson's case, that lining is more of a crispy, golden brown.

The former Viking receiver broke his arm in a car crash earlier this season while attempting to save recently purchased pizza from falling on the floor of his GMC Yukon. The injury required surgery and he has missed the Lions past five games.

Digiorno Pizza looked at this as an opportunity to reach out to Burleson and solve his problem of having to pick up pizza and worry about it falling on the floor. The frozen pizza giant sent Burleson a letter wishing him well in his recovery, along with a year supply of coupons for free pizza.

Here's a collage of photos Burleson put together on Instagram of the care package.

His hash tag to go along with the pictures? "No more late pizza runs."

Making the best of a bad situation while finding some humor to add to it, we love it almost as much as we love Digiorno Pizza (feel free to send coupons).

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