By the numbers: Key stats from Vikings-Bengals


Not much to say when the local 11 gets pounded 42-14 on the road by a playoff-bound team. The Bengals are a good team, with a great offensive line, unbelievably athletic receivers and a confident quarterback - who, it should be said, better well be confident given those first two attributes.

The Vikings are not a good team, with none of those things. Still, these numbers provide a clue as to how complete was the defeat.


The number of snaps taken by the Vikings offense, which the Star Tribune reports as the team's second lowest of the year, behind the Packer game of Week 8. The Bengals, by contrast, had 77.


Turnovers by the Vikings, including three Matt Cassel interceptions. The Bengals had one.


Yards per pass for Cassel and the Purple.


Number of times the Vikings converted on third down in nine attempts. Ditto two fourth-down conversion attempts.

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