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By the numbers: Key stats in Seattle over Vikings


Sunday's Vikings loss to the Seahawks in Seattle was pretty cut-and-dried if you look at the final score: 41-20. Blowout, right?

Well, yes, for sure. And, maybe, no. The Vikings were within 11 points for a good chunk of the game. The television announcers kept calling the Seahawks "an avalanche" when they get rolling, but these numbers suggest it was really Minnesota's game to give away.


Interceptions by the Seattle Seahawks, two off Christian Ponder, one off Matt Cassel.


Number of yards rushing Toby Gerhart had (67), compared to Adrian Peterson (65). Gerhart did it on seven caries, AP had 21.


Number of fumbles lost by Christian Ponder, out of two.


Number of points scored by either team in the third quarter, a suggestion that the game, had it not been for the numbers above, could have been within the Vikings' reach.

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