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By the numbers: Metrodome edition


It wouldn't have been right if the Vikings didn't close out the Metrodome with a win.

While they made it a bit too close for comfort, the 14-13 decision over Detroit made sure that fans would leave happy, and give them lasting positive memories of the 31-year home of the Purple.

In memory of the Dome, we've dug up some facts on the venue accentuated by the Vikings win yesterday.


Number of wins for the Vikings in the Metrodome to just 92 losses. 


The cost of building the Teflon covered structure in the early 1980s. Those that rip the Dome and can't stand the "small concourses and lack of bathrooms" as Bud Grant put it Sunday, should stop and realize the budget the building was built with. This time around, the cost of a new stadium will be $975 million, 920 more than the Dome cost.


The score of the first-ever game in the Dome, an even uglier contest than the 14-13 snoozer Vikings fans were forced to sit through Sunday. Minnesota defeated Seattle, though it was the preseason, so it didn't matter. For the record, the Vikings beat Tampa Bay 17-10 in their first regular season contest in Minnesota. The first regular season touchdown came from Rickey Young, who wasn't quite Adrian Peterson, but does hold his own place in history.


The amount for you to own a piece of Metrodome history. The low end is what nonprofits will be charged for a Metrodome seat, and $60 means you personally can own one of the 20,000 seats up for sale from Minnesota's most versatile stadium. Some fans decided they'd rather spend nothing and get half the seat.

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