Can the Vikes beat Green Bay? Our Facebook fans laugh that one off

We asked our Facebook pals an innocent question: Think the Vikes can take the Pack? Most were brutally honest. Most were Packers fans. Here's a sample.
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Monday night, BMTN asked our Facebook friends if they thought the Vikings could beat the Packers Sunday at the Metrodome.

The question was met with almost-universal ... laughter (with a few level-headed Vikings responses thrown in). Well, we asked for it -- so here's the best of what was written. And yes, we asked the question before Christian Ponder was named the starter over Donovan McNabb -- although we figure the answers would look the same:

Gale Raisanen: Are we talking about the 10-12-yr-olds that play on Saturday morning by Wal-Mart?? If you are speaking about another Packers team....I'd say probably not.

Sean Haley: That's adorable!

Christina Hughes-Court: OMG!!! That is the funniest freaking headline I have ever read!

Michelle Stoltman: Yes. In an alternate universe.

Doug Farone: I am a die-hard Vike fan, but the way they are playing they would be lucky to beat a high school team right now.

Dick Connell: If No. 12 gets tripped by a cheerleader on the way in and bangs his head on the Vikings horn ... who knows.

Anne Kratzer-Roth: Yes the Vikes can beat the Packers. The Packers suck. Wisconsin, home of Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahmer.

Barry Stone: They can! BUT they have to play WAY better than they have the past 2(!) seasons and the Packers need to play the WORST game of the season to have a chance...

Ken Lien: Even if the Packer team bus got lost and didn't show, Vikes would still lose by 10!!

James Hernandez: Magic 8 ball says "ask again later" and "outlook not so good"

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