Carson Wentz leaves a $500 tip during his return to Fargo

He got a $17 million signing bonus, just for context here. But still, that was nice.
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With the Philadelphia Eagles on a bye last week, their quarterback and North Dakota State product Carson Wentz returned to his hometown of Fargo, ND.

While back in town, Wentz stopped by Herd & Horns Bar and Grill owned by his good friend Brent Tehven. It turns out that the QB and his friends ran up a pretty big bar tab – over $1,000 to be exact.

The 23-year-old received a $17 million signing bonus when he was drafted in May so obviously he picked up the check and because his friend owned the place, he left a fairly large tip too.

Tehven told WTXF-TV in Philadelphia that Wentz ended up tipping over 50 percent – which is a $500 tip.

The TV station in Philly also notes that Philly-style cheese steaks are becoming popular in Fargo because of all Wentz fans in North Dakota.

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