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Carter and Moss on Twitter: We're the best WR duo ever


Cris Carter and Randy Moss are arguably the greatest receiving duo in NFL history.

If you ask Carter and Moss, they'll agree.

That's exactly what happened Friday thanks to a random fan sending this tweet to Carter:

Carter saw the tweet, responded with an "I agree," and asked Moss what he thought. Moss agreed, saying it was all hard work and no cutting corners.

Here's the exchange:

From 1998-2001 the Vikings featured Carter and Moss. The result was 93 combined touchdown receptions (53 for Moss, 40 for Carter), three trips to the playoffs and two painful losses in NFC Championship games to Atlanta and New York.

In 2013, ranked Moss and Carter the third-best wide receiver tandem in NFL history. John Stallworth and Lynn Swann of the Steelers were second; Jerry Rice and John Taylor of the 49ers were No. 1.

Moss later sent out a tweet recognizing former teammates Jake Reed and Matthew Hatchette, whom made up what Moss hinted at as being the best trio or foursome of receivers in league history.

Anyway, it's fun to get a blast from the past involving one of the most exciting periods in Vikings history.

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