Matt Cassel has a fan club, and it includes Tom Brady and Greg Jennings


To paraphrase an old Elvis record title, 50,000 Vikings fans can't be wrong, right? At least the majority of those calling for Matt Cassel at the Dome last Sunday seem to be believers in the backup QB.

Well cheer up, Ponder disbelievers: You are not alone.

The first endorsement for Cassel comes from Greg Jennings, who would presumably want to be on Ponder's good side should Mr. Samantha Steele play the game. But in London today, the Vkings wideout, who seemingly is auditioning this season for a post-career gig as a TV analyst, dissed his own teammate in favor of another one.

"He's more verbal, kind of commanding in the huddle," Jennings says of Cassel to Yahoo! Sports. "That's the difference. That comes with him having more experience." Come on, man, that's your teammate you're not talking about here!

And Tom Brady, who was backed up by Cassel for a spell in New England, let slip at a media conference that he had talked to Cassel, and talked about how proud he was of Cassel's hard work that may lead to a start. Video of that is here.

Brady's word is the gold standard around the NFL, so a number of media outlets have reported this as Brady giving up some kind of scoop, but he's not, folks: He was just having a bro-ment.

As for Elvis, might we suggest a tune from the King that seems right for most Viking fan sentiments: "One Night (With You)."

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