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Cassel postgame: 'Good day for the Minnesota Vikings'


How about Matt Cassel?

After not getting a start for more than two months, the veteran quarterback rose to the occasion Sunday against Philadelphia, throwing for 382 yards to lead Minnesota to a 48-30 win over the Eagles.

Here's what Cassel had to say about the performance postgame.

"Good day for the Minnesota Vikings, had a lot of guys step up today, I think guys rose to the occasion against a good football team. We knew we had our work cut out for us, it was fun to get a win in front of our home fans."

On Greg Jennings: "He's a special player, he does a tremendous job of getting open and we continue to work hard each and every week, it makes my job easy when he gets open."

On Matt Asiata: "He did a tremendous job today, he works hard every day he gets out there. I wasn't worried about it (being without AP and Gerhart) a bit."

On the team's fight: "I've said all along, I've been on a lot of teams and some of those teams have struggled. This locker room more so than any other team I've been on that's been struggling, the attitude has been great, the camaraderie, the leadership, no one is laying down for anything."

On if the team would be in a better spot if he was the starter the whole year: "You know what I don't look in the past. I'm just excited I got to go out there and perform today."

On his future: "I don't know what the future holds, I really don't concentrate on that too much. As long as you go out there and perform and play well, the rest of it takes care of itself."

On staying positive: "I think I keep things in perspective, this is a game that I love to do, I'm going to have a good attitude and I think that goes a long way."

On Cordarrelle Patterson: "A special athlete, when he gets the ball in space, there's not a lot of people I've been around that can do what he does."

On coaching: "I think Leslie (Frazier) does a good job each and every week of getting us prepared to play. Leslie does a good job of making sure we understand the game plan."

On his rushing touchdown: "It was a designed play, we ran it in practice and it opened up like that, and I thought 'I'm going to get smashed in the game,' but sure as day, I took the drop, it parted like the red sea and I was like 'this is great.'"

Here's the full presser for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

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