Caution: Ice remains thin on many Metro lakes


It's not Dec. 1 yet but Minnesotans are braving many of the frozen lakes across the state.

Fish houses have already been spotted on some of the area lakes, but people need to be careful when venturing out onto frozen lakes, according to a report from KSTP.

The report says a number of people, fish houses, and even an ATV were spotted on a lake near Buffalo on Saturday.

KSTP meteorologist Jonathan Yuhas said it takes four to five consecutive nights of temps near or below zero temperatures before ice conditions are safe. He said that has not happened.

Yuhas says it takes until at least Christmas for ice on metro lakes to be more than four inches thick.

The Minnesota Department of Natural resources says it takes ice 4 inches thick to support the weight of a person. Also five inches of ice is needed to support the weight of a snowmobile or ATV, and 8 to 12 inches for a car or small truck. More than a foot of ice is needed to support a medium sized truck.

DNR officials had issued a special warning last week for parents to keep an eye on children playing outside over Thanksgiving weekend because of unsafe ice conditions.

Emergency responders had to rescue a Sartell man in Benton County earlier this month after he went through the ice.

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