Chargers publicly complain about 1st-rounder Joey Bosa's holdout - Bring Me The News

Chargers publicly complain about 1st-rounder Joey Bosa's holdout


Joey Bosa is still holding out and the San Diego Chargers are sick of playing his game.

On Wednesday, the Chargers sent a message out on social media explaining how they've offered a larger signing bonus to Bosa than any player has received in the last two drafts.

And then they dropped the hammer on Bosa with this:

"We gave Joey's representatives our best offer last night, which was rejected today. The offer that we extended was for Joey to contribute during all 16 games and beyond. Joey's ability to contribute for an entire rookie season has now been jeopardized by the valuable time he has missed with his coaches and his teammates. Since Joey will not report at this time, his ability to produce not just early in the season, but throughout the entire season, has been negatively impacted." 

"As a result, we will restructure our offer since Joey will be unable to contribute for the full 16 game season without the adequate time on the practice field, in the classroom, and in preseason games."

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