Check out what Teddy Bridgewater is up to while rehabbing


Teddy Bridgewater underwent surgery on Thursday for his dislocated knee and multi-ligament reconstruction.

The Vikings released a statement on Friday saying they're "very optimistic" that he'll make a strong recovery.

Bridgewater posted a video on his Instagram on Saturday, appearing upbeat while watching the football classic "The Waterboy."

When asked if Bridgewater will be around the locker room as well as team meetings going forward, head coach Mike Zimmer told reporters on Friday that he spoke to Bridgewater and said he's in good spirits.

"One of the things he said is he wants to get back here and be around the guys," said Zimmer. "So I'm sure he'll be around. But the most important thing for him is to do the rehab and the things he needs to do."

"He'll be in the training room a lot, so the guys will see him and he's more than welcome in the meetings."

The Vikings open the season on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans. ESPN and NFL network have reported that Shaun Hill will start at quarterback but the Vikings have yet to confirm that report.

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