Chris Kluwe compares himself to Tim Tebow

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Chris Kluwe is doing more interviews than Tim Tebow, and Tebow works in the media.

It's true. Tebow recently inked a deal to become a college football analyst for the SEC Network. While Tebow's media career is just starting, Kluwe is in his second week of doing interviews about the harsh remarks he made towards Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer, general manager Rick Spielman and former head coach Leslie Frazier in a Deadspin article. In his latest interview with Keith Olberman, he compared himself to the former Broncos and Patriots quarterback.

“As much as we are polar opposites on the things we stand for, Tebow is the exact same way,” Kluwe said in the interview. “There are backup quarterbacks in the NFL right now that Tebow is certainly better than — he could fill a role with a team. But because he brings this other stuff with him, just like I bring my other stuff with me, teams look at it like, ‘We don’t want it. We don’t want players speaking out. We don’t want players doing anything other than football."

The "other stuff" Kluwe referred to is Tebow's strong religious beliefs, which he's never been afraid to showcase. Kluwe believes that his public support for same-sex marriage and Tebow's openness about his evangelical Christian beliefs are reasons he and Tebow aren't in the NFL today.

Kluwe was cut by the Vikings following the 2013 NFL Draft. Tebow hasn't played in more than a year. However, Pro Football Talk argues that both Kluwe and Tebow were given opportunities with teams during training camp this season, so there's a possibility that both just weren't good enough to make a team.

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