Chris Kluwe is writing again, and it's very Chris Kluwe-ish


Former Viking punter Chris Kluwe was released last weekend by Oakland just a few months after signing with the Raiders, and it didn't take too long for him to get back to work.

The outspoken Kluwe has always enjoyed writing, mostly on the topic of gay marriage, as a side gig to his NFL punting duties. Now, with more time on his hands, has taken back to the internet to get the creative side of his brain working again.

The article, published on, a sports news website thick with satire and comedy, is titled Why Deadspin sucks by NFL Free Agent Chris Kluwe.

This follows the series of articles Deadspin published leading up to the start of the NFL season titled Why Your Team Sucks.

Par for the course for Deadspin. Give Kluwe's article a read if you like, it's vintage @ChrisWarcraft (his twitter handle), laced with coarse language and zinging one liners.

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