Chris Kluwe's band to play farewell gig Tuesday night in Minneapolis


Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe will say goodbye to local fans of his music Tuesday night in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reports.

According to singer/guitarist Jesse Damien Revel of Kluwe's prog rock band Tripping Icarus, the group will perform at the Cause nightclub in Uptown.

The gig apparently wasn't too hard to pull together in the wake of the outspoken Vikings punter's untimely departure from the team Monday: Revel and Tripping Icarus drummer Matthew Marshal were already scheduled to play the venue with their other group, Crooked Saws.

Kluwe plays bass for Tripping Icarus.

Revel tells the Star Tribune that Tripping Icarus will be playing the second half of the Crooked Saws set "as a last-minute bon voyage" to Kluwe, who returns to his California home during the off-season.

Kluwe teased a possible "four song guest set" on his Twitter account Monday night.

While Tuesday night's gig may be a local farewell for Kluwe, Revell told the paper that the band will most likely continue, adding, "we'll be playing far fewer shows this year until we know what's what."

The big "what" is where Kluwe will land for his next NFL punting job, which could lead to the band playing more gigs in that city, Revel said. Tripping Icarus just finished recording a new album last month.

The future began looking shaky for Kluwe during the recent NFL draft, when the Vikings selected UCLA punter Jeff Locke in the fifth round.

Click below to hear Kluwe and Tripping Icarus performing their song "Nothing Like the Real Thing."

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