Cleveland catastrophe: Hoyer has torn ACL


Remember the third-string no-name quarterback that the Vikings were preparing for three weeks ago?

A guy that had started just one game in his career, had thrown just 96 passes in the NFL, and had to hold together a team that had just traded its best player?

Remember that guy? The same guy that threw for 321 yards and three touchdowns against the Vikings? The guy that made Josh Morgan look like Randy Moss and Jordan Cameron look like Tony Gonzalez? The guy that led Cleveland to back-to-back wins when no one gave him a chance?

That guy was Brian Hoyer, and his season is over.

After leading a remarkable turnaround for the Browns, Hoyer tore his ACL last night against the Bills, turning the reigns back over to Brandon Weeden, who started the first two games for Cleveland before going down with a sprained thumb going in to Week 3.

Yes, those first two weeks were Weeden's.

We feel for Hoyer, and for Cleveland, who may have to suffer through 11 more games of a 29-year old, second-year QB who has thrown 20 interceptions to just 15 touchdowns in his career.

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