Coach Kill officially parts with University of Minnesota

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Reports say former Gopher football coach Jerry Kill has decided to move on from the University of Minnesota after talks about a permanent position broke down. Kill officially retired from his head coaching position last year due to health concerns stemming from epilepsy.

The Star Tribune reached Kill at his home in Illinois for a comment this morning.
“I visited with the president [Monday], and it was very professional in manner,” Kill said. “He would like me to speak on behalf of the university, raise money and teach a class or two. I really appreciate that offer, but I want to be involved with athletics. I’ve been involved with athletics my whole life. That wasn’t part of the offer. I understand that, but that was the deal-breaker for me."

In a statement given to the Pioneer Press, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler called Kill an "asset to the university" and said that he and Kill had "numerous and extensive" discussions about a full time position, but that they "could not identify a full-time opportunity that met both his needs and those of the University.”

In addition to his impact as a head coach (the Gophers had a 29-29 record during his tenure), Kill was instrumental in securing funding for the University's new Athletes Village development. Kaler said that because of these efforts, he remained hopeful that a role could still be found for Kill in Minnesota.

"The athletic department and others are already identifying and discussing opportunities with Jerry,” Kaler said in the statement.

"I love the university,” Kill said, in a quote to the Star Tribune, "I’ll always be a Gopher. If the university needs my help, I’m a phone call away."

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